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Fast Quote For Lenders

Fast Quote, is a seamlessly integrated service within loan origination systems to automate and expedite the Homeowner’s Insurance “shopping” process. With a simple click or phone call, mortgage loan professionals can connect their borrowers with home insurance quotes from multiple Top Rated carriers within minutes, virtually eliminating the time-consuming shopping process for their borrowers completely. Lenders no longer have to worry about homeowner’s insurance EOIs holding up the origination process.

Making the Insurance Process Simple for Lenders & Borrowers

We know how exciting it is to purchase a new home. We also know how lengthy and stressful the home buying process can be. That is why we have partnered with the nation’s top providers and innovators in technology to make the homeowner’s insurance process simple for both lenders and homeowners. With the click of a button, our Quick Quote system can securely gather the required information to quote multiple homeowner’s insurance quotes within just moments. It is just that simple!

Why Use the Fast Quote?

At InsurTech, our Fast Quote provides an easy to use a competitive advantage without increasing the cost of origination. Borrowers love how easy it is to get accurate homeowner’s insurance quotes without having to spend hours calling different agencies. Lenders love that the Fast Quote eliminates the waiting caused by unresponsive or slow moving insurance agents during both the purchase and refinance process, making it easier to close loans faster and with more efficiency. With this service, lenders are now able to leverage homeowner’s insurance and add significant value to the borrowers mortgage experience.

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If you’re a loan Professional looking to make the home buying process more simplified, contact us today to learn more about our Fast Quote service.

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